The Bomb-Throwing Pacifist

or, a delightful comedie, newly transcrib'd

12 May
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Marc with a C started off life as a fairly ordinary, unimpressive American lad from the midwest. Disgruntled with the slow pace life was taking him and craving adventure, he quickly assumed the identiy of a masked, enigmatic superhero in order to right the wrongs of society using his rapier wit, acid pen, deeply-rooted comittment to Quaker non-violence, and several hundred sticks of TNT. A hero to some, a villain to others, and forever the subject of continual fantasy amongst the fairer sex, he set off on his quest to rid to world of evil, one hug and dynamiting at a time.

However, while the original Bomb-Throwing pacifist was merely your mundane, run of the mill Quaker paramilitary guerilla determined to bring peace to the globe by engaging in high-profile acts of sabotage and international peacings- things have since changed.

You see, it has recently come to my his attention that all on this Earth is not as it seems. While on the surface the world is ruled by a greedy cabal of power-lusting elites determined to bring about their social ideal on the rest of the world, the truth is far more sinister: we are all merely pawns in a grand game of inter- and trans-dimensional chess involving arcane powers too terrible and awesome for the human mind to comprehend.

Needless to say Marc, along with a small group of like-minded and equally talented individuals are frantically working behind the scenes to ensure that such horrors never come to pass. In many ways, the mission is much the same: maintain the balance of good and evil, seek truth, justice and harmony between all people and beings (via the applictation of high explosive if necessary), and do everything in our power to prevent doomsday, the arrival of the mighty and terrible Octopus God, Yaldabaoth, into this plane.

And to meet some really hot chicks while I'm he's at it. Hey being a superhero has to have its perks.